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Discovering The Real Jewels

Discovering The Real Jewels


Quality :

We pursue quality in the world market.
In order to search for the highest quality gems, our gemologists directly access worldwide jewelry markets and have built an active network with local suppliers. We continue to network nationwide to gain experience in high quality gems.

Honesty :

Many of the customers who come to our store for the first time say,
“It’s hard to know the price of jewelry”
“It’s difficult to identify jewelry’s quality”,
In order to know the true price of our jewelry, we give our customers an explanation of each price. Those prices are based upon rarity, beauty, durability, market conditions, distribution condition, etc;

Design :

We take great pride in our jewelry. We carefully consider designs that make our jewelry shine beautifully and create a timeless piece so that they can be handed down to future generations. Each piece in our collections is carefully created by not only Japanese, but also skilled craftsmen from all over the world.

About Us

SAIHO Co.,Ltd was established in 1995. In Japanese, SAI means color and Ho means abundant or wealthy. Our company has serviced customers not only in Japan, but also in many other countries. With the commitment to deliver high quality jewelry to our customers at a reasonable wholesaler price inspired us the journey to search for real jewels. We believe that “One time, One meeting” to discover the most brilliant gem is a miracle, so we would like to deliver that miracle to our customers. We travel to different countries with gemstone sources to pick each and every piece of stone personally. SAIHO’s gems include ruby, sapphire, diamond, spinel, tanzanite, tourmaline, garnet, etc. We are also have Japanese Akoya pearls.

The Creation of Our Jewelry

At SAIHO, we have original jewelry collections that are heartfully created. Our elegant and precious pieces are made-to-order. The creations begin with procuring gemstones from local sources, consulting with customers about their desired designs and then production. Each piece is delicately created with a perfect balance of craftsmanship and proportion, bringing each stone to life.

At Our Store

At SAIHO, the atmosphere feels as warm as your living room at home.
We have an over-the-top reservation system and every customer is treated with care and sincerity.
A reservation is dedicated to each customer to give them all the time they need to have a nice, relaxing time. Couples can have a good conversation over a cup of tea. A group of family or friends can enjoy time together freely, without worrying about other customers as they make their selections. For families with babies or young children, we can prepare a baby cot and other services for their convenience.
Our qualified gemologists and master craftsman are willing to give any explanation in detail or take time to consult them about the design.
We also provide customers with Japanese and Thai staff who can offer services in Japanese, Thai, and English.






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