South Sea Pearls/Keshi

The greatest gift from the sea
The beauty multiply created by the sea and the mother-of-pearl
At a touch of pearls makes us feel grateful to the earth for giving its beauty
As being appreciated to the sea and the nature to give us life

Commitment to Pearls

South Sea Pearl, Tahitian Pearl and Keshi (Natural nuclear-free pearl) are available at our store.

South Sea Pearl

South Sea Pearls are produced principally in warm tropical waters of the South Pacific, such as Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines in silver-or gold-lipped pearl oyster. The colors are mainly in white, silvery-white and gold.

Tahitian Pearl

Tahitian Pearls are grown in black-lipped pearl oyster, primarily cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia. They have dark body colors in shades of charcoal gray to true black. In particular, with beautiful and charming bright green color “Peacock” is the trade term of the most famous of all Tahitian pearls.

Keshi・Natural nuclear-free pearl

"Keshi", South sea non-nucleated pearls are the pearls which naturally grew without a artificial nucleus. The most important feature of Keshi pearls is they consist of only pure nacre. Since they develop in such a natural process, Keshi pearls always have unique organic shape rather than spherical shape.






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